Q: i absolutely adore you rosa, the way you are to fans of the boys, you accept everyone and i do truly think you are a beautiful person both inside and out, keep doing what you do :) xx

:’) baby! this means the absolute world to me . you are such a beautiful being . keep shining sweetheart xxxxxxxx

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Q: Your friend is absaloutly beautiful, and it's pathetic they have to be on anon to say something so disgusting like that? I would love to come off anon but I don't have the confidence and last time I did you didn't reply haha which I don't mind obviously because you must get loads of question but yeah :) xxx

she’s just absolutely stunning isn’t she?? haha that anon is so stupid xxx proably just jealous to be honest xxx and judging somebody only on their looks taken from one photograph they’ve seen just shows their dept of intelligence ;) xxxx i love you so so so much i’m so so sorry sweetheart i really do try but my exams are coming up so soon and i can’t answer every single question even though i really try to xxxx i adore you baby xxxxxx message me again soon <3

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Q: You are gorgeous, both inside and out, you are not selfish in the slightest and not one of those people who would ever put anyone down, no matter when they began to share a love for the band, which I love to see, please don't change for anyone rosa, you really are lovely x

this message has just completely changed my night :’) you’ve made me smile so much and i want to thank you so much for that xxxxx i’ve been panicking a lot about my exams and you’ve really helped me feel better boo xxxx i love you xxxxxxx

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Q: Hi rosa so im going to a concert on May 5 and it is an outside venue and it starts at 7pm and I really would like to have the best place possible right up front so do you have any idea what time I should be there? Thank you xx

probably around 10am sweet xxxxx

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Q: What song was Matty talking about in the last quote you posted?:) xx

the song ‘me’ xxxxx

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Q: do only Matty, & George have Instagram?

no adam has it too sweet! 1975adam! xxxx

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Q: who sings the first bit in antichrist? is it george?

it’s matty lovely x there’s an effect on his voice xxxx

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Q: rosa xxxx


- Ramona - Night Beds
- Overgrown - James Blake
- Strong - London Grammer
- Antichrist - The 1975

Love you pumpkin xxxx

omg i’m in love you

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thematthewhealy// T H E 1 9 7 5 //http://thematthewhealy.tumblr.com/post/83224468545/urbandecline-matty-is-actually-perfecthttp://urbandecline.tumblr.com/post/83189140187
Fan: *throws hat on stage*
Matty: what is this?? A hat?
Matty: *puts it on*
Matty: I spent my whole life trying to get free things and now they're just thrown at me!